Around Allentown

Christopher Lee

In this photo essay we look at two spots around Allentown. We start at the Phillipsburg Railroad Museum, also known as the New Jersey Rail Museum. The museum has a lot of interesting rolling stock including this ex-Central New Jersey pullcart.

A close up view of the logo on the pullcart. The CRR of NJ logo still stands strong on the cart even though the Central Railroad of New Jersey has been gone for almost 3 decades.

A very rusted view was evident on an old piece of CNJ rolling stock that the museum had. If you look closely you can still see the CNJ and the numbers on the car.

A classic CNJ caboose sits at the entrance to the museum, quite an impressive piece of rolling stock. It was in surprisingly good condition which will probably only get better.

The great love affair between the Railroad and Alcohol continues in the 21st century. The only difference is that these days the drink of choice is fine wine instead of whiskey.
A total surprise occurred as the Lehigh Line local H74 ran past the Phillipsburg site and snuck up without warning. The Phillipsburg museum site is about 15 miles east of Allentown and right on the border with New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

A month later after the Phillipsburg visit finds us at CP Ham, just a stones throw from Allentown Yard. CP train 411 from Allentown to Binghamton is starting north early in the morning. The train is passing a clear signal giving him a fast start up the Lehigh Line.

A wide view of CP411 shows that the train is mostly intermodal up front being led by an SD40-2 followed by the rare SD40-2F or as its known to railfans, a Red Barn.

A roster shot of the SD40-2 5684 shows the classy lines of the 3,000 horsepower workhorse.

A final view of CP 411 is a nose shot of the 5684, the view shows the alterations done to the locomotive as evidenced by the darker red paint that has been applied to rebuilt regions.


End of the Line
The surprise visit of H74 at Phillipsburg and the Red Barn on 411 made these two spots very interesting. It was also very nice to see 411 running after having missing it so many times and the Phillipsburg collection growing since the last visit.