Around Allentown Part II

Christopher Lee

In this essay we take a look at more locations Around Allentown, mainly to the west of the yard. CP Burn is the first stop, it is named for Auburn Street. NS C39-8 8637 waits at CP Burn for the signal to head west

A zoomed in view of the C39 as it waits at CP Burn. The shot was taken with all the 300 in the 300mm lens. The crew waits semi-patiently for another train to pass them.

A wide angle view of 8637 as it sits at the head of train 48G shows boxcars for southern roads. Right after this picture was taken Norfolk Southern train 21M roared past and headed west. The natural gas tank behind the train is to be torn down in the very near future, it is a shame as it is an Allentown landmark and a great prop for photos at CP Burn

8637 and 48G were waiting on 21M to pass and once it cleared the block the Reading Line Dispatcher gave the big C39 plus the trailing SD70 the signal to head west towards Harrisburg.

Almost an hour later we see PRR C40-8W 8341 sitting in the midday sun at CP Burn at the head of train 19G. Take a look at the engineer, he is looking at you kid!
Moving just 5 railroad miles to the west and what seems like a world away, NS 19G rolls its lengthy train up the small grade under the 4th street bridge. The photo was taken just 30 minutes after the previous one of the train yet it feels like it is night compared to the bright sunlight when the 8341 was taken at CP Burn.

Norfolk Southern C40-9W 9171 kicks up the snow as it rolls train 10N east through Emmaus PA. The train runs between Conway and Allentown and is a good bet into Allentown at around noon.

The 9171 and its train pass the flange greaser at 7th street in Emmaus. The greaser was installed on a long and straight section of track with large curves at the end to save money, use one greaser for two curves.

20 minutes after 10N had passed Emmaus for Allentown yard NS train 213 blasts through the quiet community of Emmaus. The train has the usual set of C40-9W's for power.

A zoomed back shot taken at 70mm shows that 213 has a few autoracks up front followed by intermodal cars. The train runs between Erail in Northern Jersey and Atlanta.

After the usual midday lull in action around Allentown as the yard crews change shifts at 3 PM, a very odd 40T sits waiting at Emmaus.


End of the Line
Even though some of the shots were taken in what seems like total darkness I think they all turned out great. The power was the usual boring NS stuff except for the unusual running 40T. Then again, these photos are extra special as they were taken with a good friend along side.