Railfanning The Cement Secondary

Christopher Lee


Railfans in the Allentown area are very fortunate to have several lines which have daily locals serving them. These lines include the Portland Secondary, the Washington Secondary and the Cement Secondary. The Cement Secondary begins at CP JU in Bethlehem and runs out of Allentown into the Cement region that includes the towns of Stockertown, Bath and Nazareth. The line runs north to the region and south back to Allentown but the timetable directions are east and west. The trackage is old and worn while the crew is very experienced. We will first take a look at the local working the east end of the line. Just two days later we chase the train from Bath east. Ride along as we take a look at NS local H75 working the line.

The first spot we catch the H75 at Lamson and Sessions

GP38-2 5360 crossing the road

The H75 returns down the branch after a switchback.

Small H75 train in the yard

Just a small yard at Stockertown

The H75 power on another day
The 5360 leads the 75 north out of Bath
Just a mile up the line passing Gun Club Road
Kicking up dust entering Nazareth
Leaving Nazareth in a hurry
The 5360 sits in Stockertown
Shoving back towards Herc
The 5155 in charge of the H75 near Herc
Lumber passes the huge Hercules plant


End of the Line
The Cement Secondary is one of the most picturesque lines one can ask for. From creeks at the south(timetable west) end to large industrial facilities at the north(timetable east) the Cement has it all. A day out on this Secondary will provide many wonderful photos.