Railfanning Allentown with the Dave's

Christopher Lee


Dave Mason, Dave Honan and myself had been planning on getting together to railfan the Lehigh Valley for a few months. A date was set for our little excursion and everything was to go off without a hitch until I checked the weather for our Sunday adventure on Friday Evening. It wasn't looking to promising for the Dave's as they had to drive to the Allentown area to photograph NS Black in the clouds and fog. I happily surprised when I got a phone call from Mr. Honan on Saturday November 20th, 2004 to inform me that our jaunt for the next day would be on. I wished him the best and we planned on meeting early next morning for a fun filled trip out the Lehigh Valley.

I arrived on scene at CP Phillipsburg bright an early at 7AM. I was greeted no less than 10 minutes later by train 212.

Ex-DLW Station

Phillipsburg Tower

Unexpected Train at CP Easton

Fast Delivery Method?

Catch of the Day
A Little Color in the Park
BNSF to Philly
Some light on the SD70M
Truck Detail
Who owns What
Wild Horses
Whose Railroad Is This?
Flying on the 24V
Last rays of sun on the day
Into the Fading Light
Caught in the Act
The more things change the more they stay the same
Ready to head west
Down with steel
A Fitting End


End of the Line
Even though there was absolutely no light for Dave and Dave they still had a great time. NS, UP, BNSF and CSX put on a show powerwise for a change. This trip proves that the best railfanning is done with friends.