Railfanning The Washington Secondary

Part I

Christopher Lee


The Washington Secondary is often forgotten about by railfans in eastern PA and western NJ. The line is short running from Phillipsburg NJ to Washington NJ but contains one of the larger customers in the Allentown area in the BASF plant. The line features only one train operating just five days a week plus a different one on Sunday. Train H65 works the line Monday to Friday and with a crew made up of some of the most experienced railroaders working out of Allentown. We will first take a run up the line starting in the west and working east towards Washington following H65's on several different days. In part II of the Railfanning the Washington Secondary we will look at Washington where most of the magic happens. Climb aboard for a trip to Washington.

We start our journey up the Washington Secondary across the border in Easton PA. The 5400 is the H65 power on this day.

Two blue Ex-Con's are in charge of the H74 to Washington on this fine fall day at CP Easton.

Across the Delaware River in NJ we see the H65 on a cloudy Friday. The train is entering the secondary at CP Phillipsburg.

The hind end of the H65 passes the old station in Pburg.

Just a mile east out of Phillipsburg is Strikers Road.

The 5400 accelerates the H65 across Millbrook Road.
The H65 plods along towards Washington.
H65 holds in Washington near the old bunkhouse.
Arriving H65 stops adjacent to former bunkhouse
Arriving H65 crossing Railroad Ave in Washington.
Looking north from Railroad Ave
Looking east towards Dover
A loaded Washington Yard
Shifting cars at the east end of the Yard.
H02 power holds next to a Conrail Box
Hectic times in Washington


End of the Line
The chase up to Washington can be very exciting. The sun works out for a chase up to Washington in the morning and following the train back in the afternoon. It is really once the locals that serve Washington arrive there that they make their money. Switching activates are reviewed in part II.