Railfanning The Washington Secondary

Part II

Christopher Lee


The single most important industry on the Washington Secondary is located a short distance west of Washington Yard. BASF is a very important part of the daily switching job for local H65. Sometimes, it is the only reason that the H65 makes a run up the secondary. BASF receives cars of very hazardous chemicals. This is very lucrative business for Norfolk Southern which makes the on time performance of these cars at key to keeping BASF happy. In part II of Railfanning the Washington Secondary we look at local H65 shifting the BASF plant and end with some memories of years gone by.

The H65 power runs light down to BASF this day.

Another light move to BASF with the 5400 in charge.

NS 5552 shoves back towards BASF.

Assessing the work at BASF.

Loads for BASF.

The 5552 idles while the conductor lines the next move.
Pulling ahead with a good number of cars.
Spotting some loads.
Pulling ahead on a different day.
Green added to the scene at BASF
Late day light at BASF.
A view from the rails.
Railburn on the Secondary
Remnants from the past.
Former right of way.
An H65 surprise.


End of the Line
Railfanning the H65 for this essay proved to be both fun and rewarding. Even though the Washington Secondary is short in length compared to other lines in Allentown it provides great photo locations of a predicable train. A day out on the Washington Secondary is highly recommended on the next visit to Allentown.